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Grzymala is a herb(coat of arms) used by the Counts Jablonowski and some
non-titled Jablonowski branches. The following history of Grzymala was
posted on another group by David Zincavage:

"Some authorities believe that this coat of arms was brought to Poland
Germany by a knight named Zylberschweg or Zelberszwecht. It is, however,
oneof the oldest Polish coats of arms, whose clan's war cry was
Grzymal/a. The original homeland of this clan was the district of
L/omz'a in Masovia.

The coat of arms was later augmented by in a man in full battle armor
standing in the gate, whose left arm held a shield, whose right arm held
raised sword. This augmentation was received by Przecl/aw Grzymal/a,
his courageous defense of the city Pl/ock in 1078 against the Jatwings
Prince Wl/adisl/aw Hermann.

Subsequently the coat of arms was also abated: Prince Boleslaw
Wstydliwy of Poland (1127-1179), exiled the knight Grzymal/a, owner of
Gos'lice in the Palatinate of Pl/ock, on the suspicion of treacherous
dealings with Prince Kazimierz of Kujaw, and as further evidence of the
Prince's displeasure closed the gate in this knight's coat of arms.

A second (though positive) abatement also occurred: When the
along with the Jatwings attacked Masovia, a knight Grzymal/a, owner of
Zielony and Slasy, courageously stood against them, inflicted a defeat
them and hunted them down. For which feats of arms, the coat of arms
abated around the knight and the gate, leaving only a wall with towers,
where there formerly was also a rampart." David Zincavage.

Now let me add my Jablonowski-related information:

The Grzymala-Jablonowskis stem from Jablonowo c. 1580. The counts
Jablonowski are distinguished for having 2 senators (1757-1780) and 1
recipient of the Virtuti Militari in 1831. The most important member of
this family was Michal-Stanislaw (+1780), an ardent patriot who took
part in the Confederation of the Bar. On January 2nd 1779 he was awarded
the hereditary title of Count by Empress Mara-Theresa. Count Ludwik
Jablonowski was a famous 19th century diarist whose diaries were last
published in the 1960s.