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Dear Klaus,
Thank you very much for your letter. I'm glad that
my site helped you in research. Would you please inform
me as you publish the pages online. I hope to
send you Dubovitsky's arms as soon as I get it scanned.
Coat of arms of the Russian noble family of Dubovitskys
was included to 'Obshchi Gerbovnik Dvorjanskikh Rodov'
and takes after Grzymala on the seal so much.
Yevgeny N. Krupin, Dubovitsky's genealogy researcher, says Dubovitsky "belong to Grzymala, Polish heraldric banner, about which A. B. Lakiyer wrote". According to Krupin (Russia), some authorites believe that 'Grzymala arms
had sprung from epoch of the Lekh the I'. Do you know who this Lekh the I was. I guess he was one of the first Polish kings or a tribe leader. Unfortunately, neither Russian sources I have, nor internet has consistent data on Lekh, or Lech the I.
Best Regards From St. Petersburg.
Yevgeny Sankt - Peterburg 24 Avgusta 2001

yevgenyheiderich@mail.ru (Yevgeny Geiderikh)



The best trace of Laszewski Family trees that I have seen were done by Jan & Jim Laszewski in 1976. They live in Stevens Point, Wisconsin and Jan spent considerable time at the University of Wisconsin @ Stevens Point following a huge amount of information. Her work contained several hundred pages condensed to several large 3, x 3. boards. My part of thee Laszewski family was from Michael Laszewski who have 12 children. One of those children was my great grandfather.

I'm not related closely to Jan or Jim, but if you can find them, they will be able to give you a large amount of accurate information. I have no idea how much information they may have gained since the internet.

Keith Date: 9/5/2001 8:31:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time

KLaszewski@boartlongyear.com (Laszewski, Keith)


Please, keep me updated about your page. I have a couple of dates from the time when the name Laszewski was first introduced in Poland.

The :Laszewski’s in Michigan gave me a coupy once upn a time.

I myself am on travel for a month and will probably not be able to contact you. Please remind me later so I can try to scan in the copies I have. Its not original though, just handwritten recently by someone who probably visited Poland.

Gregor Date: 9/7/2001 9:36:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time

gregor@mcs.anl.gov (laszewsk)


During our searching in the Internet for the origin of Zelberschwecht
family we found your web page. We possess the copy of the family tree
which is exactly the same as presented on your page. I've attached part
of the tree on which I underlined my grandfather - Vincent von
Zylberswech Laszewski (born 1889), with "y" in the spelling. He died in
1968 and he left one son - Zygmunt (born 1930). I'am Dominik, the
grandson of Vincent and the son of Zygmunt. I have 3 siblings - 2
brothers - Karol and Sebastian and one sister - Joanna. We live in
My father recognized people listed at the top of the family tree, namely
Klara (who probably took this scetch to USA), Karola, Beata and
We would be very happy to contact you and exchange our family memories
as we are in possession of various old pictures and things with engraved
our coat of arms "Grzymala".
It'd be very interesting to learn more about you - where do you live, if
you speak polish? What is the history of your family branch?
We believe that keeping close relations among members of our big family
is very important and informing as it creates our identity!
So, we're waiting eagerly for some news from you and we are also hoping
for some family reunion - perhaps in Poland?

Best regards
with my father Zygmunt Dominik Laszewski <dominox@space.pl>

Dear Klaus,

I have some information for you. Klara died in 1993 and Karola in 2001.
My father saw Karola shortly before she passed away and wanted to know
whether she was still in possession of the scetch of our family tree and
other documents. Unfortunately she didn't have it and had no idea where
they could be.