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Klaus Lucka von Zelberschwecht zelberschwecht@aol.com New York, NY USA
Alexandra Lucka von Zelberschwecht   Los Angeles, CA USA
Dominik von Zylberswecht Laszewski   Poland
Inge Lucka born von Zellberschwecht Laszewski   Carleton, QC Canada

all email addresses are automnatically forwareded to their original email adresses

if you are directly related you can have your own free email forwarding (pending availability)
yourname@zelberschwecht.com or yourname@laszewski.org or yourname@grzymala.net
if your original email changes you will need to notify me zelberschwecht@aol.com

If you have any information in regards to our heritage please email or write to:


Klaus Lucka von Zelberschwecht
300 East 51st Street #3B
New York, NY 10022 - USA
phone 212-838-4338

In return I can send you a CD with images and reference to
Zelberschwecht Laszewski and Grzymala